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L06_2009 Macromolecules-Information - C Informational...

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Informational Macromolecules C nucleic acids and proteins Lecture 06 Cole Gilbert SEPTEMBER 9, 2009 û Interested in the educating your peers about the Environment? Join Roots and Shoots We meet Wednesdays at 5:00pm on the steps of McGraw Hall (for now) Some of our upcoming events include: Teaching Ithaca children at the local Sciencenter and continuation of the Environmental Justice Film and Speakers series Check us out at http://rootsandshoots.cornell.googlepages.com/ Contact: Lura, LSS67 Microbiology Program of Study Info Session Faculty will discuss Program of Study requirements, courses and research Friday, September 11th, 2:15 p.m. 401 Wing Hall À²µ±¼»»Á·  ±³¼µ´µ¶³Ã¶¾¼ ı¾²Å ²»²´Æ À»ÃÇ À¶»»º±´ ¶»» ÇôȻ²É¼µ·Ê Ë ²º± ÷ ̲µ ²Ãµ ̺µ·¾ Å ¼¼¾º±´ ²Ì ¾¿¼ Ƽ¶µÊ ¾¿ $%Î#!Å ’"’Î À²Å ·¾²() * ¶»» +²µ Å ²µ¼ º±Ì² ¼Å ¶º» , ±¾¿²±Æ - ¶Å ¶./ 0 ²µ ɺ·º¾ ¿¾¾!%11µ·²2(²µ±¼»»2¼³Ã1Çô(»ÃÇ 3»¶±· ̲µ ’##4% ¹¼¼)»Æ 5 ü·¾ &!¼¶)¼µ· À¶Å !º±´ Í µº!· 6±·¼(¾ÈÀ²»»¼(¾º±´ Í µº!· 7 þµ¼¶(¿ Äɼ±¾· ¶±³ 6±·¼(¾¶!¶»²²8¶Ê
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Web Quiz The first webquiz has been posted. Completion deadline is midnight Sunday, September 13 Username: net ID Password: CU ID number (omit leading zeros) If you have any issues with logging in, please contact Mark Sarvary (mas245) Sorry, but no technical help is available during the weekend. Scheduling a make-up prelim
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L06_2009 Macromolecules-Information - C Informational...

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