L26 2009 Osmoregulation - Lecture 26 28 Oct, 2009...

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Lecture 26 28 Oct, 2009 Osmoregulation and excretion Today at TODAY Dr. Sarvary’s office hour will be cancelled today. Instead, he will have office hours tomorrow (Thursday) 2-3pm. Lecture final examination is on December 11 th , 9- 11.30 am Final exam makeup is on December 14 th , 9-11.30 am
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ºÀ ÁµºÂ»³ õÄŠƻdzȱ ÉÊÉËÌÍ ËÊÉË ÌÍ ¶´»· ú»Ä·¸² ±µÅ ƱÀ¸·» Ç´À²¿±¸Å ÇÌ̱½ !±"±!#$»!»È¶ ´ºÇ²±³º´ ²$´¹Ç´´ #$»!»È¶· ½±´±µ½¹À »ÌÌ»½ºÇ³$º$±´· ¹»Ç½´±´· µ³² ¹µ½±±½ »Ìº$»³´ µ´ µ #$»!»È¶ Í µ%»½Î ’½±± ½±´»Ç½¹±´· Àµ³²»Çº´· µ³² ½±Ä½±´ÀÍ ±³º´ ( $!!¼± ̽»"$²±²Î albumin alveolus arteriole artery atrioventricular valve atrium bicarbonate blood blood pressure blood vessels Bohr shift breathing control center capillary capillary bed carbonic acid cardiac cycle cardiovascular system cooperativity closed circulatory system diastole diastolic pressure dissociation curve double circulation erythrocyte erythropoetin EPO gas exchange gastrovascular cavity heart rate hemocyanin hemoglobin hydrostatic pressure interstitial fluid kwashiorkor lymph node lymphatic system medulla myoglobin open circulatory system osmotic pressure partial pressure plasma pons red blood cell respiratory pigment semilunar valve systemic circuit systemic circulation systole systolic pressure trachea tracheal system vein vena cava ventilation ventricle venule Course announcement Incorrect web quiz answer Which one of the following choices names an item which does not normally get translocated through plasmodesmata? A
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L26 2009 Osmoregulation - Lecture 26 28 Oct, 2009...

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