L36 2009 Vertebrate brain - The Vertebrate Brain Lecture 36...

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The Vertebrate Brain Lecture 36 Nov. 20, Cornell Student Society for Public Health CSSPH is planning a service trip to the town of Siuna in Nicaragua for this winter break through a volunteer organization called Bridges to Community. Volunteers are integrated into health projects through their participation in the construction of stoves or latrines. There may also be opportunities to assist in medical clinics and in public health workshops such as hygiene education. Trip cost: $1,295 (excluding airfare) Dates: January 9th-17th For more information and an application contact: Alyssa Johnson (aj89) actin antagonist muscle ATPase biceps Ca++ cardiac muscle contralateral cross bridge dorsal root dorsal root ganglion endoskeleton excitation-contraction coupling exoskeleton extensor muscle fatigue flexion reflex smooth muscle spinal cord stretch reflex striated muscle syncytium tension tetanus thick filament thin filament transverse tubule system triceps tropomyosin troponin twitch ventral root flexor muscle hamstring hydrostatic skeleton interneuron ipsilateral magnesium myofibril myosin myosin head pacemaker propriosensory quadriceps sarcomere sarcoplasmic reticulum skeletal muscle sliding filament model Ventral root (motor) (cel bodies) (fibers) + + _ 1. stretch reflex patellar tendon reflex homeostasis of muscle length antagonist muscle is inhibited Simple reflex loops:
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L36 2009 Vertebrate brain - The Vertebrate Brain Lecture 36...

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