L41 2009 Biology in Winter - Biology in winter Lecture 41 4...

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Biology in winter Lecture 41 4 December 2009 aggressive mimicry alarm call alarm pheromone altruism angler fish Belding’s ground squirrel C < r B coefficient of relatedness direct fitness Hamilton’s rule Hanuman langur helpers at the nest Hydra inclusive fitness infanticide kin selection reciprocal altruism scent marking Scrub jay selfish herd vigilance water strider antelope jack rabbit antifreeze proteins arousal helix oxidation boreal forest brown adipose tissue (BAT) brown fat cryoprotectant deciduous trees ethylene glycol foot loading freeze tolerant glycerol goldenrod gall fly hibernation ice lattice non-shivering thermogenesis (NST) polyol rotational axis sorbitol snowshoe hare sugar alcohols sunken stomata supercooling point supranivean surface area to volume ratio thermogenin torpor waxy cuticle white adipose tissue wood frog Don’t forget web quizzes There is currently a web quiz that is up and will run until Sunday 6 Dec at midnight. Next week there will also be another new quiz (the last one) that will be posted on Monday 7 Dec and will close on Sunday 13 Dec at midnight.
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Course Evaluations Please check your Cornell email in the next few days. You will receive a notice of the website for our anonymous online course evaluation. The site will be available until 18 December. Thanks for your participation.
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L41 2009 Biology in Winter - Biology in winter Lecture 41 4...

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