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Unformatted text preview: Math 4802 Fall 2007 Probability Problems Due Tuesday, September 11: 1. Shuffle an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards, and then turn the cards face up one at a time. On average, how many cards are required to produce the first ace? 2. Show that the probability that December 25th falls on a Wednesday is not 1/7. (Leap years have 366 days; other years have 365 days. Year n is a leap year iff either (a) 4 divides n and 100 does not divide n, or (b) 400 divides n.) 3. Duels in the town of Putnamville are usually not fatal. Each contestant in a duel arrives at a random moment between 6AM and 7AM on the prescribed day, stays for 5 minutes, and then leaves, unless his opponent arrives within that 5-minute interval, in which case they fight to the death. What fraction of duels lead to casualties? 4. A drunken man standing one step from the edge of a cliff takes a sequence of random steps either away from or toward the cliff. At any step, his probability of taking a step away from the cliff is p (and therefore his probability of taking a step toward the cliff is 1 − p). What is the probability that the man will eventually fall off the cliff? 5. If α ∈ (0, 1) is irrational, prove that there is a finite game played with a fair coin such that the probability of one player winning the game is α. (A game is finite if with probability one it must end in a finite number of moves.) 6. A sequence of numbers αi ∈ [0, 1] is chosen at random with respect to the uniform distribution. Find the expected value of the unique integer n for which n−1 n αi ≤ 1 and i=1 i=1 αi > 1 . 1 ...
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