Chapter 1 Glossary

Chapter 1 Glossary - Chapter 1 Glossary Chapter 1...

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Chapter 1 Glossary Chapter 1 administrative regulations The boards or agencies whose functions include issuing detailed regulations covering certain kinds of conduct. argument A group of statements, one of which (called the conclusion) is claimed to follow from the others (called the premises). The first two statements (the premises) of an argument entail the third (the conclusion), which means that if one accepts the premises as true, then one must accept the conclusion as also true. business Any organization whose objective is to provide goods or services for profit. business ethics The study of those policies and actions that constitute right and wrong, or good and bad, as they relate to human conduct within a business context. businesspeople Those people who participate in planning, organizing, or directing the work of business. bystander apathy A social phenomenon in which we allow the behavior of others to dictate our responses to a situation or event; in general, the larger the number of people observing an event, the less likely it is that any one of them will feel obliged to do something about it. common law The body of judge-made law that first developed in the English-speaking world centuries ago when there were few statutes. conclusion
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Chapter 1 Glossary - Chapter 1 Glossary Chapter 1...

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