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Easy outline I. Introduction Paragraph A. Main Points – how dictionary define the word love B. Thesis: trustworthy, colorful life, and growth II. Body A: trustworthy 1. Believe each other easily a. Don’t need to guess 2. Excuse to tell a lie a. Using love to make people to trust 3. Teach how to trust each other a. People learn from love Concl. Trustworthy can’t missing in the love. B: makes life become colorful
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Have different emotion a. Even the emotion they had never has 2. happy a. Support 3. sad a. support Concl. Makes life colorful C: grow up 1. take care a. support 2. communicate 3. learning a. share idea, non-verbal communication Concl: how love influence III. Concluding paragraph A. Main point – tell what is love...
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