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YiAn Chen English 101 Wyman The feature 2009/3/10 The sound of nature: the acoustic guitar The acoustic guitar is an instrument which possesses both the tradition and the originality, it has in its vast variety of forms and shapes existed for centuries and no one really knows for sure it's first origin. But even though we are not able to find its source in the history, the acoustic guitars unique designs and sounds have already made them preserved until today. They are several kinds of acoustic guitars, and the “steel-strung guitars are the kinds most people think when they hear the word guitar ”( . The theory how the acoustic guitar produce sound is very simple, when the strings vibrate, the vibrations travel through the saddle to the bridge to the soundboard. Not through by any external factors, the only two factors that influent the quality of the acoustic guitar sound are the spices of the wood and the shapes of the
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Unformatted text preview: structure of the guitars. It is very easy to understand that different kind of wood will give guitar different sound, but how does different wood provide various sounds? We all know that there are 6 strings on the acoustic guitar, with the different thickness, guitar strings are divided into triple, middle, and bass strings. Each kind of the string voice has different frequency, so different density of the wood using on the guitar will resonate with different piece of strings to produce better voice. When you walk into the Guitar Center in downtown Seattle, there are various instruments and equipments displayed in the store neatly, when you pass through all the sections, at the end of the store, you will see a separate room. The whole room is displaying the acoustic, unlike the noisy circumstance outside, filled up with the sound of every kind of the electric instruments, in this separate room....
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