PERSONAL ESSAY - YiAn Chen English 101 Wyman Personal...

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YiAn Chen English- 101 Wyman Personal statement 2009/2/24 Personal Statement When I recall my childhood, I remember my father, a person in a suit, standing at the front of the oval-table, and presenting a financial statement of the company. My dad established the PYXIS Company before I was born, and has been a chair of the company for almost 20 years. I can’t explain all details of his work are, but I have always understood how stressful it is to run a whole company. PYXIS is a company selling and manufacturing watches and clocks. Because of my identity, I get to dad’s company often, and although I don't work there, after a long-term influence, I have gotten some concepts about how do dad’s company operating. Sometimes, dad teaches me the advanced knowledge of business and some proper noun of the economic. I learn how to calculate marketing risks into actual data called romv (returns on market value). I also learn how to analyze commercial possibilities according to the gross profit from a region. Unconsciously, I can already analyze the meanings of some economic editions. I always respect my dad, not only his contribution of our family but also the responsibility he has. By watching father working in these years, I found that if one wants to operate a business, having the professional technique is not enough; you need to have wide personal networks in
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This note was uploaded on 03/13/2010 for the course ENG 101 taught by Professor Wyman during the Spring '09 term at Seattle Central Community College.

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PERSONAL ESSAY - YiAn Chen English 101 Wyman Personal...

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