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Yian Chen Eng101 Wyman The feature (outline) 2009/3/7 The feature I want to work on is the guitar which I have been played for almost 3 years. Within this huge area issue, I would like to focus on the acoustic guitar, which is the one of the most primitive and most well known instrument. Unlike the electric guitar which sound is determined by many external objects such as the cable, effect pedals, and amplifier, the acoustic guitar sound is all determined by its own quality, and also influents with a few external factors. I would like to find out how do different kind of wood on the different part and the different structure of the
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Unformatted text preview: guitar can affect the sound of the guitar, and what are some unique designing also affect the sound quality of the guitar. Besides introducing the structure of the guitar, I will also talk about how does the guitar affects me in my career, and the importance of the acoustic guitar in the pop music. I will try to attract people who don’t know or only know a few about the acoustic guitar, I probably will go to some musical instruments stores to collect the information that I need....
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