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YiAn Chen English – 101 Wyman The literary essay 2/19/2009 The inner light “The Inner light” episode depicts human being’s development of citizenship in the universe, like on different planets, and they use space ships to travel other planets. It is really similar to the time when the human civilization started expanding their cultures to many different places on the earth, and some of them may interact with others, but some of them don’t, and just isolate themselves from all the other cultures. If those isolated civilizations are extinct without leaving anything, they potentially disappear from our history, since there is no one to remember them anymore. In this episode, the story tries to present a similar theme but enlarge the scene into the whole universe; when people in Kataan were facing the extinction, they preserved their memories into the probe and launched it into the universe, hoping some day in the future, the probe would someone and transfer those memories to other civilizations. They use a “beam” to make Picard fall into a coma, and experience an entire life as a real character in the Kataan in order to embed the memory into Picard’s mind profoundly in the safest way, because unless they make Picard embrace them, they can’t ensure Picard will remember and the immortality of their civilization
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INNER LIGHT - YiAn Chen English 101 Wyman The literary...

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