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MGT 350 Exam 1 review - 1 MGT 350 Exam#1 Review Sheet Human...

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1 MGT 350 Exam #1: Review Sheet Human Relations in Organizational Behavior (Ch. 1) - What is OB? o The field of study that investigates the impact that individual, group, and contextual factors have on behavior within organizations for the purpose of improving organizational effectiveness - Open systems framework o Organizations are living entities; they have personalities o All systems within & outside the organization are interrelated and must be congruent o People and relationship are primary determinants of success - Informal vs. Formal organization o Formal: the official, legitimate, and most visible part that enables people to think of organizations in logical and rational ways. o Informal: Part that is beneath the surface; not always recognized - Hawthorne studies o Studies at a western electric plant o Scientific Management: increase efficiency of processes to improve productivity o Study: Increase in productivity was due to the increase in attention by the researchers and management Employees have needs beyond money ($$$) Informal groups have influence on behavior (“rate buster”) - Levels of managers o Top-level o Middle-level Wide and varied level group. Coordinate between the top and the bottom. Heavy coordination level o First-level Managerial Challenges & Cultural Difference (Ch. 2; pg 16-36 and 31-33) - Organizational challenges o Rapid improvements in technology o Global competition & Globalization o Workforce diversity o Government regulations and legislation
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2 o Integration of internal operations and functions - Technological advances o Modern days: COMMUNICATIONS: cell phones, internet, video conferencing, email COMPUTERS: Sync phones with computer along with computer notepads BIOTECHNOLOGY: Stem cell research, DNA research, hybrid veggies and pork, cloning ECT: Artificial intelligence, robots o Advantages: (All these advantages help give people the opportunity to work at home) ElIMINATES TIME/SPACE BARRIES: we can easily communicate with those in china INCREASED SPEED: No more dial-up internet, wireless EASE OF ACCESS: Banking online NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Earn degree online, new opportunities online, PROLONGED LIFE SPAN: people are living longer How is it going to be different? Replacing humans with machines Older workers More opportunities abroad More competition supervision is different o Disadvantages: LOSS OF MARKET SHARE: buying online has made a lot of merkets loss out LOSS OF HUMAN ELEMENT: Harder time communicating face-to- face OVER-RELIANCE ON TECH: we rely so much on technology that we don’t know how to do stuff manually PRIVACY ISSUES: videotaping, recording emails and phone calls, people are always watching OLDER WORKERS: older people aren’t quickly adapting to technology REPLACEMENT OF HUMAN LABOR: as we have atm’s or self service, we do everything ourselves LACK OF STRUCTURE: legislation, whats legal from the companies stand point - Globalization: World is free from National Boundaries o NAFTA: North American free trade agreement,
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