project - MAE146: Astronautics – Design Project Assigned:...

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Unformatted text preview: MAE146: Astronautics – Design Project Assigned: Friday, January 22 nd , 2010 ; Due date: Friday, March 12 th , 2010, beginning of the lecture. (No late project report will be accepted!) Project Overview Europa, one of the Galilean Moon of Jupiter, is thought of harboring a liquid ocean beneath its icy surface crust, a necessary ingredient to prolific extra-terrestrial life. While several mission concepts to visit Europa have been proposed (and the Galileo mission did fly-by Europa), NASA and ESA jointly proposed to develop a Europa mission within the coming decade. While the mission will investigate the gravity field of the Moon as an indirect evidence of liquid water on Europa, this project takes the next step forward and aims at investigating an impactor that would uncover the hidden ocean. Impactors consist of a class of spacecraft aimed to impact celestial bodies at high speed to uncover the inner structure of the target body. For example, the Deep Impact mission hit the Tempe1 comet in July 2005 to reveal the first direct evidence of the presence of water on the surface of a comet. Another recent impactor mission, LCROSS, also enable to shown the existence of significant amount of water on the Moon, a fundamental result of continued Moon exploration. Figure 1: Left: Picture of Europa; Right: Impact of the LCROSS impactor. Project Goals This project consists of designing a space mission allowing for the study of the inner properties of the Europa ice crust by measuring the debris produced by a impactor (Mission Objective), subject to the requirements described below. An individual, typeset report describing your design and analysis of the inherent trade-off presents is expected as the product of this project. Due March 12, 2010....
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project - MAE146: Astronautics – Design Project Assigned:...

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