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HW15 - MAE146 Astronautics Homework Assigned Friday March...

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MAE146: Astronautics – Homework Assigned: Friday, March 5 th , 2010 Due date: Optional homework This is simply an optional problem to help you think about fly-bys (and design one of the project) rather than a real homework. Since you need to the design a fly-by for the project, no homework is assigned this week and you should indeed take this time to work on the project! On the analysis of Venus fly-bys Assume the Earth to be in a circular orbit around the Sun (with a radius R E ) and a spacecraft in a circular orbit around the Earth (with radius r s ) and let us consider an impulsive maneuver performed along the velocity vector of the spacecraft (as measured relative to a planet centered inertial frame at the time of the maneuver) resulting in an escaping trajectory (from the Earth). 1. On departing angle: (a) Compute the maximum speed of the spacecraft relative to the Sun just after leaving the Earth influence. What is the angle between Δ V and the velocity of the Earth relative to the Sun, vector V E
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