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Unformatted text preview: MAE146: Astronautics Homework Assigned: Wednesday, February 17 th , 2010 Due date: Friday , February 19 th , 2010, (at the beginning of the lecture) Please justify all of your answers. Write your answer cleanly with sentences and diagrams to explain. Dont forget to write your name on your copy to receive credit. Problem 1 (15pts): motion on an orbit in the simplest case 1. How does true, eccentric and mean anomaly relate to each other when the orbit eccentricity is zero? (assume periapsis to be defined relative to the x-axis of an inertial frame of reference). 2. A spacecraft position and velocity at time t = 0 are given relative to the ECI frame ( O, e 1 , e 2 , e 3 ) as: vector r = (7000 . 000 km ) . e 1 ; vectorv = (7 . 546049 km/s ) . e 2 (1) Assuming the gravitational parameter of the Earth to be e = 398 , 600 km 3 /s 2 , compute the position of the spacecraft at time t = 1 day Problem 2 (15pts): On eccentric anomaly Using the geometric definition of eccentric anomaly that we discussed in the lecture, show that the distance of...
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