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HW10 - 1 Problem 2.18 on p 147(On the area of an orbit 2...

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MAE146: Astronautics – Homework Assigned: Thursday, February 11 th , 2010 Due date: Wednesday , February 17 th , 2010, (at the beginning of the lecture) Please justify all of your answers. Write your answer cleanly with sentences and diagrams to explain. Don’t forget to write your name on your copy to receive credit. Problem 1 (15pts): On Cosmic Speeds Solve the following small problems in the textbook (current edition) 1. Problem 2.17 on p. 147. (Computation of the first cosmic speed) 2. Problem 2.35 on p. 150. (Computation of the second cosmic speed). 3. Problem 2.36 on p. 150. (Yet another interesting example) Problem 2 (15pts): On Orbit Analysis Solve Problem 2.21 in the textbook (current edition) Problem 3 (20pts): Playing with Formulas Solve the following problems of the textbook (current edition):
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Problem 2.18 on p. 147. (On the area of an orbit) 2. Problem 2.19 on p. 148. (On true anomaly conditions). 3. Problem 2.20 on p. 148. (On ²ight path) 4. Problem 2.34 on p. 149. (On eccentricity) Further study: Chapter 2 of the textbook has many small problem that you can use to train yourself in computing basic orbits quantities. Page 149 of the current edition is just that. Gettign training in these routine computations. I would encourage you to try a few by yourself. As I mentionned in class, the di³culty in learning two-body dynamics is the proliferation of formulas and know which one to apply to solve a given problem. While I will give you further tips in class, practice is really the only mean that transform these results into familar territory. 1...
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