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1 MAE 112 Propulsion Homework Assignment #8 Due: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 1. Consider a crossed-field two-dimensional electromagnetic accelerator. Argon gas with molecular weight of 40 and = 5/3 is the propellant. The gas temperature ( T = 8750 K) and the cross-sectional flow area are constant with downstream distance. The electric field is directed transverse to the flow with E = 6300 volts per meter. . The conductivity = 1900 per ohm-meter. Note that one weber = Newton-second-meter per coulomb; one ohm = volt-sec per coulomb; and one joule = Newton-meter = volt-coulomb. Hall current is negligible here. At the position in the flow where the velocity u = 40,000 meters per second, determine a) the magnetic field B in units of webers per square meter; b) the current density j in units of coulombs per meter squared per second; and c) the Lorentz force in units of newtons per cubic meter. 2.
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