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MAE112HW1 - Due MAE 112 Winter 2010 Homework Assignment#1...

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Due: January 15, 2010 MAE 112 Winter 2010 Homework Assignment #1 1. (a) Calculate AF at stoichiometric condition (AF st ) for ethyl alcohol C 2 H 5 OH (aka ethanol) burning in air. AF is the ratio of mass flow of air to mass flow of fuel. Also, calculate FA = 1/ AF for the same condition. (b) Calculate AF and = AF st / AF = FA/ FA st for ethyl alcohol and 45% excess air. 2. Calculate theoretical (ideal, i.e., without dissociation) flame temperature for methane CH 4 initially at 537 º R with 45% excess air at constant pressure. See tables on Pages 42, 43, and 693 of the text. Pressure is constant at 5 atm. 3. Calculate theoretical (ideal) flame temperature for methane in stoichiometric ratio with enriched air (60% O 2 , 40% N 2 by volume). Pressure is constant at 10 atm and the initial temperature is 298 K. 4. H 2 O exists as the major product of combustion for hydrogen and oxygen originally in stoichiometric proportions with no other gas present. Find the fraction of products dissociated to H
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