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Lecture11_Example1 - • Its debentures are priced at $110...

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Lecture 11 Example WACC a. Calculate the WACC of Tristan Ltd, using the following information: Balance sheet extract Liabilities 10% debentures ($100 issue price) $150,000,000 Shareholders’ funds Paid-up capital – ordinary shares ($1 issue price) $50,000,000 Additional information Ordinary shares will pay a dividend of 66 cents at the end of this year, and dividends are expected to grow by 2.4% per annum indefinitely. Commonwealth government bonds trade at 4%. The return on the market portfolio is 12% Tristan Ltd’s beta is 1.3.
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Unformatted text preview: • Its debentures are priced at $110 and pay coupons annually. • The current return on Tristan Ltd debentures is 2% above the government bond rate. • No company or personal taxes are levied. • The existing capital structure is unlikely to change. b. Should Tristan Ltd go ahead with an expansion of their factory that costs $2 million today and will generate a cash flow of $350,000 per year for ten years? Show all computations and explain why you chose any additional numbers needed to make this decision....
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