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Supreme Court Inc . Robin Conrad is an appealing and soft spoken woman who lives with her family in Maryland. She heads the litigation effort. There were 22 cases last term which were decided unanimously, or with only one or two dissenting votes. She was especially pleased that several of the most important decisions were written by liberal justices, speaking for liberal and conservative colleagues alike. Robin Conrad says the Chamber of Commerce is prepared to lobby as hard as ever for the appointment of pro-business justices. Conrad is confident that, having helped to transform the Supreme Court in less than 30 years, she and her colleagues can assure American business of a sympathetic hearing for decades to come. Ralph Nader is an aggressor to the Supreme Court system and American economic
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Unformatted text preview: system. He founded Public Citizen to advocate for consumer rights, also bring antitrust when the Justice Department did not bring that. He had also sued federal agencies when they failed to adopt health and safety regulations. Nader thinks that after 2000, the trial lawyers have been vitriolic. He blames them for not using their money to help counteract the influence of the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups before the federal courts. As a result of this, his colleagues at Public Citizen are underfinanced. There were some lawyers who left Public Citizen because they tired of losing. He said at last that American people live in a country where they can have almost anything they want, but his regret is that it seems that they don’t want much of anything at all....
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