HUM1_0112 - Humanities 1 The Odyssey Book 5 We learn...

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Humanities 1 January 12, 2010 The Odyssey Book 5: We learn Odysseus has been on the island for 7 years. He’s been sleeping with the goddess Calypso. Being a husband and father are the characteristics that make him who he is. He is caught between love and duty. He prefers to stay in Calypso’s bed rather than go off in search for home without supplies. It’s not clear in the text whether Calypso is keeping the tools and supplies he needs to build a vehicle to leave the island or not. One of the reasons he didn’t leave was because he wasn’t sure if the gods were going to harm him or not. They had already harmed him in the past (leading him to the island? Poseidon?) Calypso is ordered to let Odysseus go, provides him with tools, and he crafts a raft. A galley, used in the Trojan War, uses a lot of energy. It can hold 40 men and their weapons. This is a war ship and this is why Odysseus is building a merchant vessel instead. The challenge is whether he’s a hero or a merchant (which the Greeks regarded as a lowly status) On the island, he is shown to be a man of skill. Shipping ships was a high status craftsman. What is really the character of a hero? Is a hero a craftsman, who has high status skill? Or is a hero a war-man, like Achilles in the Trojan War? Olive trees are important. Olives were an agricultural good. People oiled themselves with olive oil to improve their skin tone and soften their skin. Odysseus knew when he got thrown up into the rocks, a cold breeze would come in the morning and kill him because he was now naked, so he buries himself in debris and olive leaves and such to protect himself and keep him war. Because he was naked, he is in a lot more harm than if he were clothed. The daughter of the king is having a dream. Her good friend is standing next to her bed telling her to get her clothes in order and clean up the mess because she’s
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about to become an adult and be married (this is the transformation into a woman). The girl was about 15. This girl is on the shores and out comes Odysseus (a 50 year old man, nude) and
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HUM1_0112 - Humanities 1 The Odyssey Book 5 We learn...

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