reflection 1 - Non Language Teaching

reflection 1 - Non Language Teaching - Eugenia...

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Unformatted text preview: Eugenia Papaconstantinou January 12, 2010 TE01 REFLECTION PAPER 1 Non-Language Teaching The purpose of the exercise was to teach two other class mates a new skill, such as how to cook something, a new dance or even how to give yourself a French manicure. Given only a few minutes to think of something, I thought I would teach them how to ‘fold’ their tongues, something that I had done in the past for a similar activity and had succeeded. I started off by giving a brief explanation of what they were going to learn about, what materials we were going to use (in this case it was a pen or pencil) and how, and then gave them a demonstration of the whole process. I did this so that the students would understand and be prepared of what was too come, and what was being asked of them. From experience, an outline of the lesson at the beginning of the class (in this case the 10 minutes) is always a good idea because it put the students in a set mind frame, knowing what is to come the students can organize themselves, it also helps the students to concentrate...
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reflection 1 - Non Language Teaching - Eugenia...

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