Chem 1B Exam 2 Version A-KEY

Chem 1B Exam 2 Version A-KEY - Chem 1B Midterm 2 VERSION A...

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Chem 1B, Midterm 2 VERSION A 1 Chem 1B Midterm Exam 2 February 25, 2008 Professor: Thuc-Quyen Nguyen NAME: _____________________________________ Perm #: ___________________ Instructions: Your exam booklet should contain 20 multiple choice questions. Check your booklet to be sure that it includes all 20 questions and return it to a proctor if a replacement is needed. The 20 multiple choice questions are each worth 5 points credit for a correct answer. Questions must be answered on the scantron exam sheet that is provided with the exam. Fill out the bubbles for the first 20 questions on the answer sheet. Be sure to mark your perm number in the bubbles on the sheet and to print your name and perm number on the scantron. The version of your exam must be marked on the scantron answer sheet to assure that it is graded correctly. The exam version of this booklet is VERSION A. When you have completed your exam, turn in the scantron answer sheet ONLY. An information sheet that contains formulas and values of constants are included in your test booklet. YOUR EXAM IS VERSION A Mark A on the Scantron in the section called “test form”
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