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In part one of this lab, a galvanic cell was created using the reaction Pb(s) + Cu 2+ (aq) Cu (s)+ Pb 2+ (aq) placed in a water at five different temperatures; 22.5 o C, 2.0 o C, 16 o C, 45 o C, and 70 o C. The cell voltage was then measured at each temperature. These values were .489v, .492v, .489v, .496v, and .510v respectively. Then using the equation, G=-nFE o cell , G was found to be -94.4 kJ, -94.9 kJ, -94.36 kJ, -95.7 kJ, and -98.4 kJ respectively. Then using the equation K=e - G/RT and the determined values the K values were found to be 4.9 x10 16 , 1.06 x10 18 , 1.13 x10 17 , 5.27 x10 15 , and 9.7 x10 14 respectively. It can be seen that as temperature increased, G decreased and K values increased. This was what was expected of the experiment. These values were plotted on a graph using the equation G o = H o -T S. From this plot, the experimental values were shown to be G= -95 kJ, H= -93 kJ, S= 61.027, K= 2.5 x10 16 . These were compared to the
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