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lab 16 - In part one of this lab a spectroscope was...

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In part one of this lab a spectroscope was calibrated by holding it up to fluorescent lighting and then recording the position on the scale where the violet, blue, green, and yellow lines were observed. Using this data, a calibration graph was made by plotting the wavelength on the x-axis and the spectroscope scale readings on the y-axis. A possible source of error for this part was if the spectroscope was read incorrectly, throwing off the calibration graph and therefore the remainder of the experiment. In part two of this lab the emission spectrum of hydrogen was calculated and the energy level transitions determined from the gathered data. For this part, four different colors were observed and then the calibration graph from part one was used to determine the wavelengths. The four colors were purple, blue, green, and yellow. For purple the observed wavelength was 408.88 with the accepted value being 410. This was an error of about .273%. The energy level transition was found to be from n=6 to n=2.
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