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Josh Ahn Native Speaker Homework Assignment Week 7 Chang-Rae Lee’s “Native Speaker” is a novel in which a Korean-American man named Henry Park struggles with his identity as a minority in the United States while working his job as a spy who gathers information on non-white people. The idea of a model minority is used extensively throughout this book by Lee. A model minority refers to a minority ethnic, racial, or religious group whose members achieve a higher degree of success than the population average. The protagonist, Henry Park, is himself a part of a model minority because of his relative success as a spy. He, being of Korean heritage, is considered a minority by the whites of America and is discriminated, even if only minutely and indirectly. This process of discrimination and being constantly left out
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Unformatted text preview: combined with Lee’s harsh Korean upbringing teaches Henry to hide his emotions and shapes him into the perfect spy. It seems that this process of alienation by society combined with his cultural heritage is what helps Henry become one of the model minority. However, while being part of a minority who has overcome challenging barriers and prejudices in order to succeed in a foreign country, Henry continues to struggle with the issue of his identity as a Korean and an American. The fact that he is a spy, a part of a model minority, only serves to alienate him further from his American wife and from society. “Native Speaker” utilizes this idea of a model minority in order to explore the issues at hand on labeling a people as a minority and treating them as so....
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