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MCDB1A Genetics Quiz 6 Questions in this block are worth 1 pt. each. 1 of 12 A genomic library A) is a collection of foreign DNA molecules inserted into cloning vectors. B) ideally represents the entire genome of an organism. C) is a collection of RNA molecules inserted into cloning vectors. D) A and B E) B and C 2 of 12 Enzymes that cleave double-stranded DNA at specific sites are . 3 of 12 Electrophoresis separates DNA fragments of different sizes, but this technique does not indicate which of the fragments contains the DNA piece of interest. This problem is solved by knowing the isoelectric points of the piece in question. identifying the molecular weights of the fragments in question. None of these measuring the sizes of the bands on the gel. removing the bands from the gel and hybridizing with a known strand of DNA complementary to the gene of interest. 4 of 12 Metabolic diseases such as PKU and alkaptonuria are caused by a(n) nonfunctional or missing enzyme. mutation in the mitochondrial DNA. abnormal number of chromosomes. virus. abnormal structural protein. 5 of 12 DNA fingerprinting works because DNA in the skin cells is very diverse. there are multiple alleles for some DNA sequences, making it possible to obtain unique patterns for each individual.
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genes containing the same alleles make it simple to compare different individuals. PCR allows amplification of proteins from single cells. 6 of 12 When a DNA solution is added to a gel, the DNA will migrate perpendicular to the positive and negative poles. toward the negative pole. only due to diffusion. away from the positive pole. toward the positive pole. 7 of 12
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MCDB1A_Genetics_Quiz_6 - MCDB1A Genetics Quiz 6 Questions...

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