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Pasig City Science High School Maybunga, Pasig City Term Paper on the Selected Poets in Partial Fulfillment of the Project in English III Submitted by: Christian Jer E. Roque Submitted to: Ms. Cherry A. Zerna
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ROBERT LEE FROST Born: March 26, 1874 San Francisco, California Died: January 29, 1963 Boston, Massachusetts Robert Frost was a traditional American poet in an age of experimental art. He used New England expressions, characters, and settings, recalling the roots of American culture, to get at the common experience of all. He is one of the great American poets, is well known for his unconventional poem ‘structure and writing techniques. He uses contradiction in his poetry to achieve a dark and confusing effect. Although known for his work set in New England, Frost was born in California. Strangely, Frost actually did not enjoy studying or reading as a child, but still managed to develop an outstanding career as a poet. After he sold his first poem, “My Butterfly,” he published two copies of a new booklet called Twilight. This booklet included only five of his lyrics, and he gave one booklet to Elinor White, his fiancée, while he kept the other copy. After pneumonia almost took his life in 1906, he suffered a depression, and, feeling as though he had no hope, used writing poetry as an antidepressant of sorts, and actually sold a few poems. In 1912, he quit his job as a teacher, sold his farm in New Hampshire, and relocated, along with his family, to Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England, to pursue writing poetry full time. Luckily, his first poetry book, A Boy’s Will succeeded, along with his next book, North of Boston. In fact, when he returned to the United States, a mere three years later, these books were being published and sold in America, and he soon rose to fame Issues/Themes The concept of contradictions abounds in Frost’s poetry. Frost’s book North of Boston contradicts what people believe about his poetry. Because some of his poems are obviously not in traditional forms, readers assume they are free verse. But this confuses them when they find regular pentameter line joined with irregular rhythms of speech. Frost’s technique of using “sentence sounds” in blank verse brought a modern sound to poetry. In 1928, Frost published West-Running Brook, which included several dark, contradictory poems. These poems include “Spring Pools,” “On Going Unnoticed,” “Bereft,” “Tree at My Window,” and “Acquainted with the Night”. Because of his elusiveness, a characteristic of his poetry, his poetry could seem contradictory and, therefore, confuse readers. Another trait that makes Frost’s poetry so contradictory is its multiple layers. The use of layers presents readers with many views and possibilities. These layers allow all readers to find their beliefs displayed within the poems. As can be imagined, this style causes disputes when discussing the meaning of the poems. Another reason for confusion and contradiction is that Frost wrote about normal events with familiar
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TERM PAPER - Pasig City Science High School Maybunga, Pasig...

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