sszg515 - years’ sales data in our data warehouse...

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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Distance Learning Programmes Division Second Semester 2003-2004 Mid-Semester Test (EC-2 Regular) Course No. : SS ZG515 Course Title : DATA WAREHOUSING Nature of Exam : Closed Book Weightage : 30% Duration : 2 Hours Date of Exam : 22/02/2004 (AN) Note : Attempt all the questions. Start each answer from a fresh page. Q.1. (a) Dimension tables are said to be entry points into the fact table. Comment. (b) What do you understand by the grain of the data warehouse? Why it is important to choose the grain carefully? (3 + 3 = 6) Q.2. (a) What is the difference between star schema, snowflake schema, and starflake schema? (b) Would you prefer to have snowflake and starflake schemas in your data warehouse? Justify your answer. (3 + 3 = 6) Q. 3. There is a chain of 500 grocery stores in India. Each store has 60000 SKUs. On an average 10% of SKUs are sold from each store each day. If we want to store 5
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Unformatted text preview: years’ sales data in our data warehouse. Estimate the size of the fact table in Giga bytes given that we have 3 facts (each of 4 byte length). Assume that there are four dimensions, namely, Product, Time, Location, and Promotion and surrogate keys are used in all dimension tables. It is also given that for each SKU we store only one record for a day from each store. (6) Q. 4. Describe how the promotion dimension is modeled in the Grocery store data warehouse. Also explain what are coverage tables and what relation they have with the promotion dimension. (6) Q. 5. What are fully-additive, semi-additive, and non-additive facts? Give one example for each in such a way that the concept becomes clear. (6) _________ No. of Pages = 1 No. of Questions = 5 This document was created with Win2PDF available at The unregistered version of Win2PDF is for evaluation or non-commercial use only....
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sszg515 - years’ sales data in our data warehouse...

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