French Revolution - Feb 1st

French Revolution - Feb 1st - February 1 2010 European...

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February 1 2010 European Revolutions and Counterrevolutions The French Revolution is sometimes considered the beginning of Modern Europe Affected all of Europe, not just France Goal was to bring an end to the Bourbon monarchy but ends up wiping out the entire monarchy Beginning of the end of monarchy, aristocracy, and organized religion Utopian aspect – we can make the world now, we can start again To what extend was the French Revolution something new? What is new is new politics, culture, calendar, etc French Revolutionaries see themselves as the new Romans The Old Regimes were now the enemies of France French Revolutionary state was found at war with the other monarchs of Europe (Britain, Austria, Germany) Responded to the pressures of war with nationalism (Revolution was more French) and became a war against nations 1792 - France declared war on the Austrian Hapsburgs o Would last a quarter of a century until the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo Revolutionary War (War in defense of an idea) For the first time wars were fought with over a thousand men
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French Revolution - Feb 1st - February 1 2010 European...

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