Zorastrianism Overview-1

Zorastrianism Overview-1 - Zorastrianism Ancient and Living...

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Zorastrianism Ancient and Living Religions – still has followers and doctrines are followed 3000 years old Then name of this religion comes from its priestly prophet who’s name in Persian is Zartusht which has been changed by greek and latin to Zarathustra which then led to the name of the religion Zorastrianism. The origins of Zorastrianism are shrouded in mystery. Words of Gathas hymns are a first source. They’re the words of Z. The fathers of Z were in existence before we knew of ancient Persian empires. Aryans - by aral sea - literally means nobles - came down middle east and divided in to three groups - one to India - one to Persia - within Persian plateau, one branch moved to north eastern mediteranian which became Europe Early Zorastrians - these people were nature worshipers - worshiped spirits associated with natural phenomenon - one of these figures emerged to be the most important - some say Z came before migration, some say after - most important God was named Ahura Mazda - Z emphasized worship of AM as only true God - Z was a priest meaning that his religious tradition already existed and he was already an official in the religion - At the age of 15 he was officially initiated into his religious tradition - Some theological points came from Zorastrianism into Judaism - Woolen Kosti worn by Z at 15 - When Z was around 30 he received a vision from angel named Vahumana - V confirmed that the only true God was Ahura Mazda - Became the imperial religion of three major perian empires o Achamenians 559bc-333 This is where Cyrus was from o Parthians 246-226 o Sasanians 226bc-632c.e. ended with invasion of muslim arabs Today’s Distribution -100,000 Zorastrians -75,000 in india
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Zorastrianism Overview-1 - Zorastrianism Ancient and Living...

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