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Zoroastrian Textbook notes - Sasanian Era-226-633 AD-Empire...

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Zoroastrian Textbook notes: Achaemenian Era - 600 BCE started - Overrun by Alexander the great in 331 BCE - Religion of Ahura Mazda - No evidence that that Achaemenians spoke of Zoraster Parthian Era - in Iran from 246 BCE to 226 CE - Combination of Ahura Mazda worship with Indo-Iranian yazatas - These Mithra figures are distinctly more important than Ah at the time
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Unformatted text preview: Sasanian Era-226-633 AD-Empire wished to restore achaemenian traditions-Establishment of Zoroastrianism in its current form-Rich and prominent empire-Prophet Mani harmonized the teachings of Jesus Zoroastrian and Buddhist -Established Zoroastriam as state religion because of high priest Karter...
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