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Islam Glossary - Mu’amelat Relationship between human...

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Islam Glossary 570 M was born 610 M’s first revelation 622 M’s hijrah 632 M dies Abd Servants of God Abd al-Muttalib M’s Grandfather Abu Talib M’s Uncle Abutalib Adith Al-Amin M was called ‘the faithful, or trustworthy’ Amir Commander of muslims Ansar Helpers of M on migration to Medina Ayah Battle of Badr Muslim victory Fatihah First surah fiqh Theoretical discussion of sacred law Fitra Baby’s original state of faith Hanif Preislamic arab with monotheistic tendancies, not jew or Christian Haram Forbidden acts Hijrah 622 migration of medina Hudaybiyah Some truce Ibadut Acts of worship Ihsan Highest form of worship Ijtihad The process of developing legal opinions Imam Religious leader of the muslims Iman Faith, inner conviction Iqra Command to recite Jihad Struggle in defense of faith Khadijah - opposed ali and believed human arbitration was an act of unbelief Khadijah Wealthy widow who M married Khalifah Humans represent beauty of God on earth kufr To know God but disobey
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Ma’ad Belief in life after death Miraj Brief entry to heaven Mirij Brief journey to heaven
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Unformatted text preview: Mu’amelat Relationship between human beings Muhajirun Immigrants who moved to medina Nabis Prophet for certain people, certain time Nubuwah Doctrine of prophesy Qiblah Direction of mecca Quraysh Arab tribal society Rasul Messenger (from God) Sadaqah ‘loan to God’ this is optional Salat Prayer ritual Sawm Fasting during Ramadan Shahadah Profession of faith Shari’ah Specific regulations of Islamic law, ‘one’s body and life’ Shi’i Trace M’s authority through ali’s descen… Shirk To associate something with God… (bad) Sunni 85% believe M didn’t assign successor Surah Portions of the Qur’an Tafsir ‘unveiling’ Islamic commentary Tariqah ‘one’s mind and soul’ (apparently aslo the Organized following of a sufi saint) Tawhid Oneness of God The Rightly Guided Caliphs Ulama Ummah The muslim community Wajib Good actions Yathrib Tribes in Medina that M helped Zakat Alms giving...
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