Islam Overview - Islam 1 Islam from S L M peace tranquility...

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Islam 1 Last of the Abrahamic Religions No revelation till the end of the world Islam: - from S L M - peace tranquility, submission - submission and surrender to the will of God - such a person will receive inner peace and tranquility - way of life for its believers - a person who follows this religion is called Muslim - Qur’an is scripture - Muhammad is prophet - Emerged in 7 th century common era - A muslim is a person who has surrendered himself to the will of God - Fitra Inner being of an individual - Humans are born with pure fitra - Therefore everyone can be a muslim - Small ‘i’ islam/muslims are people who??? - No original sin - Islam claims to be a universal, and primordial religion Developed before humans exist God entered into a dialogue with our essence “Do you recognize me as your Lord? – G “Yes we truly recognize you” – Humans - Not bound to a specific event or group of human beings - On a practical level a Muslim is: Someone who follows religion Usually born through a Muslim family Sometimes a person who makes his own choice Must believe in principles (no creed however) Shahadah : There is no god but God ( Allah ) 3 principles of faith o Tawhid (unity and oneness of (God) o Nubuwah (doctrine of believe in prophecy) not limited to Muhammad Muhammad is ‘last of prophets’ o Ma’ad (life after death, final day of judgement) When someone utters these things they are considered Muslim and are part of Ummah (the Muslim community) - Muslims trace their lineage to Ishmail , Abraham’s son by the servent
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When he grew older, Sarah could not stand Hagar and Ishmail and had Abraham take them away to the desert - At the end of time when everyone is death Everyone will be resurrected physically and spiritually Everyone will stand in front of God He will Judge according to record of deeds Righteous will be rewarded with paradise and will see the face of God which is the highest honor - 1 billion Muslims to date Come from many different cultures Qur’an unites, there is only one version of Qur’an Also united through practices and rituals Muslims connect themselves with 5 regular prayers Fasting during Ramadan Haje pilgrimage 2 major divisions Sunni o 85% of Muslims o Believe that Muhammad never designated anybody as successor o Leadership of community would go to elder who was decided on: AbuBakr ( older than Ali) o Caliphs – means successorship 1. Abubakr 2. Umar (appointed by Abubakr) 3. Uthman (came to power by committee) 4. Ali Shi’i o Minor divisions within themselves o Prior to his death Muhammad designated cousin Ali as successor and later his descendants o Not just a temporal successor, but also spiritual o The true spiritual capacity from Muhammad was transferred to Ali Islam 2 Weird Words? -
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Islam Overview - Islam 1 Islam from S L M peace tranquility...

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