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Judaism Review 3 main concepts - One God - Torah given by law - People to which it is given Prayer - Tefillin o Small black leather boxes o Contained words of scriptrue o Tied to head/arms - Minyan o Quorum of ten required for beginning a synagogue service Main Events in Jewish History: - Genesis - Noah: first covenant - Abraham, covenant - Exodus/moses/3 rd covenant - David King 1000 BCE - North kingdom lost 621 BCE - Babylonian captivity 586 bce, destruction of the temple - Cyrus, Messiah, 536 - Greeks < 330 BC, Alexander the great conquers jews - Maccabees 167 BC hanaka - Jews could practice religion, but had to follow civil laws - 2 nd temple destroyed 70 AD. Everybody deported. - Pharisees became what we know as Rabbis. - 1800, Napolean gave citizenship to Jews. Another Basic Timeline: 1200 B.C. Period of Judges - no kingdom -political establishment 1000 – kingdoms of david and Solomon -united kingdom 722 – divided kingdoms - northern tribes taken by Syria 586 – southern kingdom taken by babalon Cyrus - king of Persian empire 50 years later
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- succeeded to defeat the Babylonians and the lands of Babylon - expanded his empire to present day Jerusalem - proceeded to set the Jews free - open to a variety of religions - allowed them to go back to Jerusalem, and provided resources to rebuild the old temple. - Jews began to think of him as the Messiah because of what he did. 331 BC – Persian empire was ended by invasion of Palestine by Greeks. Alexander the Great. Hellenisian - Tension builds between the Jews and the Greeks. - This tension builds because of religion. - The greeks build an altar for Zeus in the Jewish temple! - The Jews believed in worshiping a single God. - The Greeks also ordered for pigs to be sacrificed in the Jewish temple. 166 B.C. All these dissatisfactions resulted in the Maccabean Revolt. - They were led by ____ Maccabe. - They purified the temple and rededicated it to their own God. - This began the tradition of Hanukah. They established a minor Kingdom of their own which was neither happy nor long lasting. The last blow came to it when it was the victim of Roman Conquest. The roman conquest of Jerusalem destroyed their second temple lasted to the first century common era. 70 C.E.
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Judaism Review - Judaism Review 3 main concepts - One God -...

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