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"Read Chapters six & seven in "Fundamentals & Analysis of American Government" and view the video "Public Opinion and Political Participation." Post a message in the Discussion board describing the Verba and Nie six categories of citizen participation and give examples of people you know ." All journal entries are due on or before Sunday,   July 26, 2009 at 11:55 PM. In America, we have so much freedom and opportunity yet we take it for granted. We have had so many improvements in our right to vote yet the percentage of people who vote in America is very low. People with a strong sense of duty will be more willingly to participate and people are socialized to believe what they believe. Based on the scale developed by scientists Verba and Nie, it describes very well the different types or participants. The people who make up the inactives are people with low education or money and they don’t participate or care about politics at all. Voting specialists strongly vote based on parties and this is what brings them to the polls.
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