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Read the transcripts of "JFK, President George Washington and President Eisenhower."  What were  these Presidents warning the country about; and are these speeches relevant to us today . Post  a message in the Discussion board.  In JFK’s speech, he warns us that the world is very different now. Mankind is so strong, we hold the power in our hands to make changes to everything including poverty and life. He also states that united, we are a strong country and are able to accomplish anything, but divided, we can do little to meet challenges. John F. Kennedy also advises us that we have to help those in poor to be able to save those who are rich. The inauguration also mentions that civility isn’t a weakness, we should never fear to negotiate. His most famous quote near the end of his speech is “ask not what your country can do for you— ask what you can do for your country.” I felt that JFK’s speech is relevant to us today because we have the war and recession going on, but if we stay united we can get through
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