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View the video "Making of the President - 1960" and post a message explaining the importance of  the media in the presidential campaign of 1960 and 2008, especially Kennedy's use of television and  Obama's use of "new media." Also, what is the importance of money in a campaign, briefly compare  Humphrey's primary campaign against Kennedy and did the Kennedy money effect the outcome. All  journal entries are due on or before Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 11:55 PM.  -Kennedy telephoned Mrs. King and promised support during campaign, MLK was bailed and votes shifted to kennedy. The media was a very important element in the presidential campaign of 1960 and 2008. Televisions played a huge role in the 1960’s because they were in the households of many Americans. Televisions are used as a source of entertainment and news to get families updated. In the video, it said that even political analysts agree that television debates are the most important episode of campaigns. Kennedy’s use of being on
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