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Long Island is comprised of millions of residents, a large network of roads, thousands of jobs, thousands of teachers, thousands of square miles of land and much more! Long Island is an extensive network of social and economic factors that must work together in order to make Long Island perform at it's best. In recent years these factors have not been An island is a body of land that is surrounded by water and there is so much land you can drive on before hitting the water. This makes Long Island's land a scarce resource. If we were to just use the land for the bare necessities, like during the Stone Age, there would be more than enough land. However today people do not just want land, they want to own homes and businesses and second homes and more. However there is only so much land the residents of Long Island can own and only so many homes; making land a scarce resource. Since land on Long Island is scarce, housing costs more on Long Island then it does in Texas or Montana. In Martin's article, he explains how the government is
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