Persuasion and Conformity Scenario

Persuasion and Conformity Scenario - focus you need to...

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In my response I decided that John would be more likely to be persuaded by peer pressures such as drinking, drug use, and skipping class. My reasoning was that he was always the popular one, and that once he became more comfortable with his surroundings, he would become more confident in the things that he did. I think that the response given to me had many good points that related closely to my response. We both agreed that john would be more likely to give into peer pressures. We both said that he would probably give into peer pressure just to fit into a group. Although this response did make some good points, such as that it takes time for John to get comfortable and that would make him and easy target. Which this is true the longer it takes for you to get comfortable in a situation or area, the longer it will take you to get the
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Unformatted text preview: focus you need to become confident. So with this it would make it easier to persuade you into doing something that you wouldn’t normally do, such as drinking or doing drugs. Especially if you are made to think that it will make you become popular, as in John’s case in which he is use to being the popular one. This may also apply if you are just trying to make friends in general. I really don’t think that this response made me see the scenario any differently. I believe it just added more reasoning to my response. I really think that my classmate had a very good idea on this scenario. I completely agree with their response. I think that they did a wonderful job with this assignment....
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