Final Study Guide - Development Studies 10/Geography C32...

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Development Studies 10/Geography C32 Final Exam Study Guide Fall 2009 The exam is on Friday December 18 th from 12:30 to 3:30 in F295 Haas (Final exam group 17). The format of Part I of the exam will be the same as the midterm and Part II will be an essay. Part I is not cumulative. The essay should draw on concepts and examples from the entire semester. Essay questions will be handed out on Thursday December 10 th . I. Key Terms and Concepts Be familiar with the meaning of these terms and what they helped to explain in the context of this class. Terms marked with an asterisk* may appear as definition questions. Other terms may appear as part of fill- in questions or simply help you review important concepts for the short answers and essay. International Aid donors recipients official development assistance (ODA)* bilateral aid multilateral aid US aid history Foreign Assistance Act (1961) USAID OECD ODA targets aid shortfall strategic aid* phantom aid* tied aid* aid ‘quality’ aid dependence China’s aid strategy remittances* global (private) philanthropy* NGOs PL 480* cargo preference* aid vs. trade debate Globalization and Trade new international division of labor (NIDL)* EOI (again) transnational corporations (TNCs) export processing zones (EPZs)* containerization* Fordism flexible production* global sourcing sub-contracting* lean production* labor force polarization global commodity chains producer-driven GCC buyer-driven GCC global garment GCCs (T-shirt example) US cotton subsidies trade liberalization* trade negotiation rounds* Uruguay Round (1986-1993) Agreement on Agriculture (1995) WTO Doha Round (2001- ?; focus, status) Bananas major exporters and importers United Fruit Company
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Final Study Guide - Development Studies 10/Geography C32...

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