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Forum posting 4 - than it really is" From a cognitive...

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How do social categories relate to social stereotypes? Does social categorization always entail some degree of stereotyping? Social categorization is a method we use to group people sharing similar attributes and characteristics in order to reduce effort in our impression-formation and to predict past and future behavior. A stereotype is a type of social category. Defined by Lippman (1922), "a stereotype is an oversimplified picture of the world, one that satisfies a need to see the world as more understandable
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Unformatted text preview: than it really is". From a cognitive point of view, stereotypes are cognitive structures that contain beliefs about a group of individuals. Stereotyping always entails social categorization, however the opposite does not always hold true. Unlike categorization, stereotyping generally holds a negative connotation and usually provides untrue information. Stereotypes underlie emotional prejudice and motivate behavioral discrimination by ingroups toward outgroups....
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