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Spatial perception in nonsocial cognition is simply how you perceive the shape, size, distance and motion of an inanimate object. Spatial perception in non social perception should be consistent from person to person. On the other hand, person perception in social cognition is not consistent from person to person. Not only does this type of perception depend on factors like shape, size, distance and motion, but it depends on inferences the actor/perceiver makes. The actor may be thinking about how the target is perceiving them and others in their surrounding. They may also be making implicit personality
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Unformatted text preview: inferences by basing their judgments of the target on how they feel the personality of “the general person” is. Depending on what their relationship is with the target they may also be making inferences on how they are dressed, how they are acting, and what they have heard about the person. Although both spatial perception in nonsocial cognition and person perception in social cognition require observation, the first is more objective while the latter is highly subjective....
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