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Is all social behavior cognitively mediated? Not all social behavior is cognitively mediated. Most thought and reasoning is unconscious and therefore some social behavior is unconscious as well. However, to enter a social situation the actor usually has a goal which is derived from emotional and motivational states. These states can be either cognitively mediated or independent of cognition. Although this is not true with all social behavior, some goals are instinctual, such as asking a girl out on a date.
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Unformatted text preview: Or are there emotional and motivational states that control behavior independent of cognition? Yes, some emotional and motivational states control behavior independent of cognition. An example of this would be responding to something emotionally rousing without thinking about or “filtering” your reaction. Moreover, some social behavior is purely reflexive and instinctual . For instance the “fight-or-flight” response. If Or is some social behavior reflexive and instinctual in nature? Yes...
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