homework 2 - Brittany Ghosn SID 19488408 GSI Elisabeth...

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Brittany Ghosn SID: 19488408 GSI: Elisabeth Wehling, Section 103 February 23 rd , 2010 Group members: Clara Dellenbach Grace Dong Rixin Peng Homework Two 1. I just recently got out of my bad mood. The meaning of “I just recently got out of my bad mood” is that the speaker recently stopped being in a bad mood. There is no actual leaving or exiting taking place. The source domain is the container schema. Its roles are: the container, being inside of the container, and being outside of the container. There is a container and you can be inside of the container (within its boundaries) or you can be outside of the container (outside of the boundaries). A literal usage of “out of” is: “I stepped out of the classroom.” In this example the container is classroom and the speaker is stepping from the inside to the outside of the container. The target domain is an emotional state. Its roles are: a person, and the state they're in. The person has emotions about the world and the reality they experience and different stimuli control they're emotional state. If a person finds out their dog just ran away this may cause them to experience a sad emotional state. However if they then find out that he's come back, they're emotional state will; most likely change. Metaphor name: StatesAreContainers Source → Target Container → State Inside container → Experiencing that state Outside container → Not experiencing that state In this instance, “my bad mood” refers to an emotional state the speaker had experienced and
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getting “out of” implies that he/she is no longer experiencing that state and has therefor exited that container. You can also enter a container that represents a state. For instance in the example, “I'm in
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homework 2 - Brittany Ghosn SID 19488408 GSI Elisabeth...

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