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02.18.10 “He pushed/pulled me to/into depression.” -push/pull is a sub-case of force exertion -causes are forces -grammar gives you bindings (for now, magically) -all frames are schemas -meaning is defined by a frame -Syllogism: All men are mortal(man is sub-case of mortal), Socrates is a man,(Socrates is sub-case of man). .. so Socrates is mortal -How do you make the inferences? -experiment: coffee warm → they described ppl as warm, coffee cold → they described ppl as cold -imagine being really hot/cold that imagination is linked to the mapping -control nodes allow you to function Discussion: Metaphor Analysis: “Just give me your answer” possesion; answer is an object being given frame of literal usage
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Unformatted text preview: what happening if you give? Physical transfer roles: transferrer and receiver and object structure of frame: frame of literal usage ex: “I gave you a penny” source domain: somebody requesting answer target domain: somebody gives the answer talk a bit about the inferential structure , what this mapping does to the target domain “Let's move on” conversation is a journey, moving along a path, a surface and where ever we're trying to get is a physical state/region by answering we're going forward target: conversation source domain: journey *These two metaphors are not mixed, they're not conflicting but there's nothing that unites the two metaphors...
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