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Metaphor Analysis Example Initial Sentence. Explain the meaning informally. Identify the source domain, and describe it. Give an example of a literal usage that is entirely in the source domain. In a metaphorical usage, there will be a target domain that is not the source domain. Identify and characterize it. Identify how the source domain is mapped to the target – that is, name and describe the metaphor and its mappings. Explain how inferential structure is preserved. I see what you mean. The meaning of the overall phrase ‘I see what you mean’ is that the speaker understands what her interlocutor has just said. No literal seeing is taking place. S EEING roles: seer object seen The seer has a visual perception of an object. Sight can be ob- scured partially or entirely, and is easier when there is light enough to see. I saw a dead ocelot. K NOWING roles: knower fact known The knower believes the fact in question to be true, that is, to be a
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Unformatted text preview: good description of the world. Such knowledge can be incorrect, and knowledge can take work to acquire. Metaphor name: K NOWING I S S EEING Source Target Frame: Roles: S EEING K NOWING seer knower object seen fact known In this instance, ‘what you mean’ refers to a statement - that is, some fact that the speaker now knows. Facts cannot be literally seen. However, knowledge about the source frame can be used to reason about the target frame of knowledge. Sight can be im-peded by an object or interfered with, and this can apply to metaphorical sight as well: “I can’t see what you’re trying to tell me.” Clarity of perception means better seeing, and that too can be mapped metaphorically: “Your ideas are unclear” vs “Is that perfectly clear, young man?”. Metaphor Analysis Example - Mind & Language – 16 Feb 2010...
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