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Guey Heung Lee Et Al. v. Johnson Et Al. (Supreme Court Case) This was the actual Supreme Court Document…I did my best to summarize it! The district court approved the San Francisco Unified School District’s comprehensive plan for desegregation. The schools attended by the class represented in the case are filled predominantly with Chinese children. The objective of this case was to “eliminate from the public schools all vestiges of state- imposed segregation.” In the footnotes: The governing board of any school district may establish separate schools. When separate schools are established they must be attended…and shall not be admitted into any other school. Brown v. Board of Education was not written for blacks alone. Bi-lingual classes are not proscribed.
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Unformatted text preview: They may be provided in a manner, which doesn’t create, maintain or foster segregation. There is no prohibition of courses teaching the cultural background and heritages of various racial and ethnic groups. This kind of teaching can benefit all who receive it. District Court concluded: “…that response may well be decisive in determining whether San Francisco is to be divided into hostile racial camps, breeding greater violence in the streets, or is to become a more unified city demonstrating its historic capacity for diversity without dismay.” The San Francisco school children are to accept change without anger; they deserve no less than whole-hearted support of their elders. The decree was strenuously opposed....
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