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Chinatown Parents Fight School Integration Plans by Hilene Lew There was a board of education meeting at Galileo High school in which over 600 Chinese attended. They discussed the cities new busing plans drawn up by the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). Most of the Chinese parents came to protest against the busing of their children out of Chinatown. Unfortunately no board members showed up to the meeting called by the Concerned Chinese Parents Group, the night before. So the parents came to this meeting determined to have their opinions listened to. Donald Johnson presented the busing plan amidst booing, hissing and foot stomping. The board claimed that this plan would help build community unity and avoid polarization, and racial balance according to state guidelines. These guidelines state that in determining the racial make-up of an area, there may be a 15% range of deviation from the actual ethnic population. Out of four example given only one didn’t meet these guidelines, Sequoia. The
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