IntroductionOrganicChem - Introduction Welcome to Organic...

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Welcome to Organic Chemistry! Special Thanks to Dr. Clarita Bhat. Chem& 241 is the first quarter of your yearlong venture into the world of reactions, naming and syntheses. To help you succeed in this venture, I will generate lecture notes for each chapter. It is fair to warn you that, although I have followed the text closely, some things have been deliberately omitted and others added. The lecture notes should never be a substitute for reading the text and looking at extra examples and explanations. You will be expected to enhance your understanding by reading and doing the assigned problems. Please read the following guidelines! The firstwo chapters has mostly review. We will go over it quickly. It is extremely important that you spend time going over your General Chemistry notes if the material needs “dusting off”. I will assume that you have the background necessary. We will only spend time on the new ideas like Resonance and writing structural formulae. In all chapters you will have exercises to do at home. Please do not overlook these, as they will sometimes make an appearance in a quiz or exam. At times I will ask you to refer to a page in the text to study an energy diagram or a mechanism and copy it on your own to add to the notes. These activities encourage independence and prepare you for future classes. At this stage in your studies you need to be able to learn some things on your own. At the end of most chapters I will make reference to certain sections we omitted and thus you will not be responsible for them. Do not be disturbed. Each class is Lastly, my apologies for any mistakes or typos you will find. 1
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IntroductionOrganicChem - Introduction Welcome to Organic...

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